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Friday, July 27, 2007

Egomaniac Bloggers

It’s been asked of me why I blog. I am sure other bloggers, especially health care bloggers, are asked this at least once. I’ve said before that I think bloggers are egomaniacs with inferiority complexes (me included). We love what we have to say and want everyone else to love it, too. Putting our thoughts out there helps to soothe that inferiority some of us don’t like to be associated with.

But health care bloggers are a special group. I think on a whole we want to get our message out there. We want the public to know the inside workings of health care. We want people to understand where we are coming from, our experiences, our education, our opinions. I specifically started The Life and Times to help women think about and question their choices in maternity care while giving myself a platform to vent. Being a cog in the wheel of a system you disagree with in so many ways takes its toll.

Rebirth is no different. But why start it in a new blog? I felt it necessary to continue what I was doing with some new skin.


Betsy B. said...

I blog for myself, to make sense of it all. I blogged for months without ever telling a soul I blogged.

AtYourCervix said...

Hear hear! You've summed it up very well!

mommymichael said...

I had a friend ask me what I did before I started journaling online.
I don't have a blogger blog, I have one at My husband and I both *and my mom, but hubby doesn't know that ;)*

Anyway, Friend asked me if i internally combusted without a journal to write on.
I told her that acting classes helped a lot. It was my outlet. But after marrying and not having an outlet. Journaling became the outlet. I think I post a little bit of something every day. If not multiple times.

p.s. it's nice reading your journal again.

Julia said...

My blog started as part journal, part way to keep in touch with some friends from college. I like to share the nursing parts as a way to vent and give others a lot at what working in a hospital is like, but it's also my chronicle of the past few years. It's a way for me to keep track of all the changes.
And, I'm so glad to find your new blog!

Just Me said...

Please do the reposting. I was so sad when you disappeared; I had missed reading blogs for a week or two with one of those illnesses we all catch from patients from time to time that make you pretty sure you'll never touch another human.

So glad to find you again!

may said...

i don't know about being in a "special group", so i own't say i am one of them:) unlike most of you guys, i don't really do blogs that give helpful or educational informations, i just go out there and rant or share what i have seen/heard/felt. that's why i'm glad there are all sorts of bloggers:)

i am going for the egomaniac with big time inferiority complex theory:)

Labor Nurse said...

May, even though your blog "rants" about your experiences of things you've seen/heard/felt doesn't mean it isn't educational or insightful. As a matter of fact, I think your blog does just that!