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Monday, July 23, 2007

More on Per Diem

Ok, I know I bitch about being called off frequently at work. So you won't have much sympathy for this. But I have good reason.

This week I am very busy. I have two job interviews for another per diem position. I also have a shit load of school responsibilities that are piled up to my neck. So of all days I was hoping to be canceled, I'm not. I go to work today thinking it must be busy if they are keeping me.

Until, of course, I see our census board. I was assigned to work postpartum (my favorite....not) with just 2 patients. T-W-O. I went to the charge nurse after I assessed my patients and said, "I'll be happy to go home at 11am. You really don't need me and you have another nurse coming on at that time."

So Charge Nurse is noncommittal, but says it's very possible. There are no laboring patients, and one labor nurse is not assigned to any patient. Charge Nurse does not have any patients either. Ok. Good. I'll get to catch up on some things at home.

Thirty minutes later a call comes in that a patient is coming over in labor. No big deal, right? Nurse With Nothing To Do can take her, and 11AM Nurse can take my assignment.

But no. Charge Nurse says, "With this labor patient coming, I can't let you leave."

"Fine," I say because what else can I do? She gets the final decision. And I am not going to argue.

But instead I bitched to all of my friend nurses (fortunately there were a few of them on today). They totally agreed and couldn't see why I had to stay. Well, yes, we was to ensure that Charge Nurse never had to take a patient, even if another labor patient came in. 11AM Nurse had no assignment and sat out in the break room reading magazines. No other patients came in the rest of the shift.

Damn lazy people.


Joyce said...

Doesn't that just totally p*$$ you off?

Labor Nurse said...

You can say piss here! I've heard you say it for real!

And yes, it pisses me off.

may said...

that's what i hated when i was per diem. i felt like all the worst thing that can happen in a shift happens to me.

hope you feel better by blogging about it:)