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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Back To School Sale: Student Midwife Special

I'm trying to get back into the swing of things here for school. Classes started and I am swamped. I took an extra course this semester because I didn't want to be bogged down when I had a larger number of clinical hours to complete later on.

And speaking of clinical, I am happy to report that this current clinical rotation seems to be nothing like my prior clinical experience last spring. For those of you who were reading me on Life & Times last spring, you will remember my frequent whining and complaining. I had a preceptor from hell, who believed that it was not her job to teach. I was not allowed much patient contact, could not document in the patient records, and generally wanted to gouge my eyes out every slow minute that passed in that office. So I am just elated that my current preceptor, a very experienced nurse midwife, is quite the opposite. She takes the time to explain every thing she does, and was astute enough to notice how difficult it is for me to just observe. She assured me that I would be doing everything before long. Bonus points to this midwife!

However, my preceptor woes are far from over. I have yet to find anyone willing to take me as a student in January 2008. I also received a voice mail message from a midwife who had verbally agreed to take me in March 2008. The tone didn't sound good, sounded like she might be backing out. She was not available to call back until later this week, so I sit here pondering my clinical fate.

I'm also just as good as always with my procrastination skills, too. I should be entering my clinical data for school instead of blogging.

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