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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Student Contact

So it’s back to school time, which means for me that I go back to being a student and a nursing instructor. My plate this coming fall will be very full. I am taking three courses and teaching a maternity clinical rotation to nursing students. Frankly, I think I would prefer to spend my time reading and knitting, but I won’t get paid or be able to graduate doing those things.

This coming semester I have given up my clinical skills lab instructing. I have worked in the skills lab for several semesters teaching new nursing students how to take pulses, blood pressures, and good body mechanics. I have taught the more senior students how to place Foley catheters and hang IV medications safely. But nothing is more amusing than teaching students who are, shall we say…. stimulated, with the skill at hand.

When a new skill is taught and practiced, students use each other as their “patients”. I was working in a practice lab, so my job is more or less just observing and supervising, and many times correcting, the students while they practice. A group of students were practicing auscultation of lung and bowel sounds, the first skill that requires them to touch skin that normally lays under clothing. You can see that some students feel uncomfortable lifting the shirt (even if it’s the back) of a fellow classmate to properly listen to their lungs. And some have no problems with it.

This particular group consisted of three young, perky 20 year old girls and one 20-something guy. When it was the male student’s turn, he was very careful with what he was doing with his hands and how he touched his classmates. The girls didn’t mind at all that their fellow male classmate could see them with their shirts half off and abdomens exposed.

The problem came up when it was the male student’s turn to be the “patient”. He took his sweet time laying down on the bed, and then moved in some strange ways that caught everyone’s attention. He was trying to hide his erection.

There was this awkward moment of stillness as we all registered what we were looking at, and there was a hesitation on the part of the girls to begin listening to his bowel sounds. The guy laid their trying to discreetly cover his groin while staring straight up at the ceiling. I told them they were all doing a good job and left the area.

I pulled a colleague aside and laughed my ass off at that poor guy. The next skill they were moving on to was body mechanics and proper transfer techniques. This requires a lot of full physical contact, and I wonder how he handled that. He never came into the practice labs for that skill.


Redspiral said...

Poor guy! At least everyone handled themselves professionally... haha

Awesome Mom said...

Poor guy! I am sure he will get over it eventually. That is one reason that I am very glad I am not a guy.

Joyce said...

Funny story. You have to feel bad for the male student in that situation.

To quote Seinfeld's Elaine Benes "I don't know how you guys walk around with those things."