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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I realized that I haven't posted any google searches here on REBIRTH. The insane internet searches that bring people to my blog have not stopped with Life & Times. Oh yes, they continue to bring the strange and curious right here.

Ban doulas
Say what? (Or back in the day, I'd respond, "Word?") Are you kidding me here? Why would you want to ban doulas? Doulas are great! I even have a whole post about them. Doulas provide awesome labor support to women, can reduce the need for pain medication and epidurals, and release hospital staff to do what is unfortunately taking up too much of their time (documentation).

Secret discreet diapers
Good luck finding some, because the ones I've seen are anything but discreet. And no, I don't need them. I just know about them. I'm a nurse.

Jumping rope continuously while pregnant
And why the hell would you be doing this? Are you not uncomfortable enough?

Hide the erection
Yes, please do.

Nurse touched erection
Where did I write about erections? Because I can guarantee that it wasn't because any nurses I know (including myself, thank you very much) were going around grabbing erections that happened to be exposed throughout the unit.

Cystocele fuck
How is this possible? Anyone?

Pregnant FTM
I had to look up what FTM means. And again, when in the world was I talking about this?


Betsy B. said...

Ha! So funny. My most popular post is about Penis Yeast Infections. I often think I should post an informative article about them and how to treat them for all those people at home suffering and in denial.

Tonia said...

How do you find what google searches bring people to your site?

Labor Nurse said...

tonia, Blogger and Google share accounts, so if you have a blog via Blogger, you can find your search stats under "My Account" on google. Or if you have any site counters, they sometimes have that feature as well.

AtYourCervix said...

I use to track my stats. I tend to get a lot of searches for pictures of a cervix (go figure though, that's in my blog name).