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Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Business of Being Cut Off

Did anyone see the Larry King Live segment with Ricki Lake? I happened to catch it by accident while flipping through channels Friday night and was excited to be able to catch some talk about her documentary The Business of Being Born. I have not seen it yet, but know that I would enjoy it.

So what does Larry King focus on during her 15 minute segment to promote the film and discuss the maternity care in America? Her weight and her experiences being sexually abused. What the hell? I think he maybe asked one or two questions about the film, of which Ricki tried to delve into with quite a bit of detail, but was cut off at the pass quite abruptly with, "So, how did you lose the weight?" and "Would you want to see your abuser today?" or "Are you angry with your abuser?"

This film has people talking yet Larry King didn't want to. Oh, well. I think Ricki Lake is doing a fantastic job promoting this film, and the American College of Nurse Midwives is endorsing it. And like a million bloggers, as well.

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