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Friday, January 18, 2008

In A Galaxy Far, Far Away....

.... was Labor Nurse beginning her baby catching clinicals. I have to travel out of state several hours away to even be so lucky to get this experience. But that's what happens when more local midwives don't support their profession, feel that students "harm" the atmosphere of their practice, and generally don't want to be bothered. But whatever.

I bet you are wondering if I have caught a baby I have had some laboring women, and felt so "at home" taking care of them. My first day started out with no women whatsoever, and I was getting discouraged. I was beginning to be my pessimistic self; but once those beepers went off I felt relief that I was going to get to put my midwifery skills to action. As much as it is helpful to be a labor nurse, it is just as hindering. I found myself in triage adjusted monitors, silencing alarms, etc. And then I caught myself and had to step back. My role was to perform the assessments and physical exams, write admission notes, write orders... not to mention supporting the laboring women! (Not that labor nurses don't do this,'s just different when you can actually give labor support without worrying about the fetal monitor, the IVs, the continuous non-stop documentation...)

It's also weird giving "orders" to the RNs. I want to say, "Yo, sista, I'm one of you!" when they listen to my updates and plan. And how cool is it to be independent? I'm given a beeper, access to offices, lounges, and given autonomy.

Everyone has been very nice to me, which is always a huge plus, but I was forewarned that one of the midwives that will be precepting me makes students cry. Hmmm....I might have to challenge that.

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AtYourCervix said...

I can't wait to hear some more tales from you as the student midwife! It's getting me all excited about starting midwifery classes myself!