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Sunday, January 6, 2008

To Our Loving Husbands

Dear Patient's Husband:

Thank you so kindly for showing up today at your first child's birth. How thoughtful of you to grace us all with your blessed presence despite your lack of sleep. It must have been very difficult to wake at 4am because your wife was moaning with her contractions. It must have been doubly difficult to drag yourself out of bed to drive her the few miles over to the hospital, only to wait in our triage room for an hour sitting in that really uncomfortable plastic chair.

When you heard that your wife was most certainly in labor, it was very sweet of you to offer to go home to get a nap. I am sure that it was so you could be on top of your game when the baby arrived. I realize you were very disappointed when she said she needed you there, so I found a recliner chair so that you could try to relax while supporting your wife.

I apologize that your wife and I were talking too loudly, making it difficult for you to watch the football playoff games. I was aware that your 'sshhhing' us was trying to subtly get your point across, but unfortunately your wife's needs and comfort were more important to me than whether you could hear the sport's announcers on TV.

I also apologize, as does your wife, for not speeding up her labor in a timely fashion. It was very disappointing for your wife to hear that she was "stuck" at 8 centimeters for 3 hours, as well. Your baby and mother nature didn't know you wanted to go back home by 2pm. Muttering under your breath, "Jesus Christ, when will this end?" doesn't really help. Perhaps next time you could try to pre-program your wife's uterus to perform in a reasonable amount of time. Even better, maybe you could try to time everything after you've had a full night's rest and have everything done with by lunch.

I greatly appreciate your assistance in getting your wife that cup of juice while the game was at a commercial. That certainly made all the difference. I look forward to caring for your family again.

Labor Nurse


Joyce said...

You should have kicked this guy in the ASS!!!!! Wait until the baby is at home and crying at 1:30 am looking to be fed. I hope it happens on a night when he's gotten into bed late and needs to get up early to be at the office for a meeting; or maybe he'll need to get up early to shovel himself out of the driveway the next morning. What a jerk!!!

Dr. Confused said...

Wow. I'm sure he'll be a great father.

I think my labour nurse also didn't like my husband, but for the exact opposite reason. He was absolutely the best support person and advocate I could have ever asked for. And then he fired the nurse... the next one was much better,

Rinna said...

I guess I really should stop teasing my husband for napping for a couple of hours while I was in labor because we've both been sleep deprived for about a couple of nights before I was induced at the hospital (sick doggie, etc).

Hopefully your patient will hire a doula next time.

I'm off to give my husband a big kiss now. :)

Anonymous said...

i'm making it known to my support team to LET my husband sleep during this next birthing. he didn't get a nap at all last time even though the midwives kept telling him, "just relax, take a nap." he'd try, but other's would interrupt him. it's not all about him, but in the end when we could have had time bonding and snuggling in bed.. he layed down next to us both and passed out. it was time i wish we could have had together looking at the details of our son's face.

besides, i have a support team set up for a reason! so that no one person is having to do all the supporting. that's a lot of work!

The Nurse said...

I've got one for you... how about the sperm donor who slept in my patients bed merely hours after her delivery... she got up to the BR, and came back to sit in the chair because he had taken her bed over... she irritated me just as much as she LET HIM. Her bum hurt, but she didn't want to wake him up.

Gail said...

LOL... I was laughing when I read this one. I was fired by a dad who was asleep when I started helping his wife push. He work up and asked why his wife had 2 nurses. I explained that I was precepting and that he would get two nurses for the price of one. He said that "No one is going to practice on my wife." We got the couple a new nurse and that one told us that he fell asleep again after I was no longer in the room.