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Friday, January 11, 2008

Where, oh, where?

So there has been no news on Emma. What really surprises me is that this case has not made it to the news. I mean, it totally fits what the media loves to pick up on: young, pretty, married pregnant woman gone missing. It makes me wonder what the police know; like is she truly missing of her own volition? And what would make them think this? Is the real father of the baby missing as well? Did they take off somewhere together? Who knows...


LeosMama said...

If she's not white and/or not pretty, then the news media is typically uninterested.

They seem to be more interested if the woman is in a mixed-race relationship and she's white.

When that young pregnant woman went missing last summer, I wondered aloud in a crowded room "What about all the black and Hispanic pregnant women who go missing? What about the chubby ones who aren't considered pretty by the press?" There was a lot of head nodding and grunts of agreement.

Send the information to your local newspaper and television station along with a photograph and see if they care.

tofu lou said...

wow. i mean, holy-shit-wow. that is a crazy experience... i hope they find her soon, safe and well.