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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Boobs For Grab

I am sure each and every labor nurse has had some part of their body taken hold of by a woman in labor. I have had my hands, arms, waist, and just recently my boob grabbed at in some form of pain or desperation.

Normally I let the woman hold on to me without much ado, but if they start hurting me then I tell them to let go. For instance, the woman who hated me, Kelly, would have ground all of my metacarpals of my hand together if I let her.

But the boob was weird. It occurred with each push, and as she continued to hold on with each push she grabbed on tighter and tighter. She had the whole girth of my boob in her hand, and no matter how I positioned myself the two seemed to meet. The problem was that I couldn’t exactly move away a great deal as I was assisting in her positioning. I also didn’t want to call attention to it. From what I could tell no one else noticed that my boob was in her grasp, so I wanted to keep it that way.

I also wondered if she realized what she was grabbing. Did she think she had my upper arm (they are equally as squishy)? Or did she know what she held on to?


Heather said...

That's funny. Maybe it was an instinctive reach for the universal mother. She wanted her MAMA!

Wabi said...

I'm assuming there have been times you have had to get in a laboring woman's face and TALK REALLY EXTREMELY SLOWLY AND LOUDLY to get her to focus on whatever important thing it is you have to say. It's the same thing here. A little thing like where your hands are is not going to get noticed when it feels like your pelvis is a nut about to be cracked open in a vice. I bet she had no idea what she was doing.

Thanks for making me laugh, though. That's really funny!

Anonymous said...

several months back i was a doula for a mother who just about undressed me during one contraction.

she grabbed a hold of my shirt by the collar when one came that she wasn't expecting to be so intense. she grabbed, and she pulled down, and my bra strap went with it, down off my shoulder and towards my elbow. i didn't realize my shirt was so stretchable!

so i just said. "i know. i know. you're doing wonderful." as i gently grabbed her hand with my other one and redirected her strength.
didn't want to get naked! wasn't MY birthing happening!

Mother Jones RN said...

Ouch! Finally, an advantage to having a flat chest.
It's good to have "small handles" for your patient
to hold on to when you're helping her push.


Jack and Lexi's Mom said...

One of our nurses had her crotch grabbed during a vag axam. I guess she thought "if you can do this to me, I can do this to you!"