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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Catching Cannon Balls

I was telling my brother how I have finally caught some babies.

His reply: “So, what, do they shoot out of a cannon? Is that why you have to catch them?”

Obviously he was being funny, but he isn’t familiar with the midwifery lingo.

And yes, I will be telling you my baby catching when I have some more time!


AtYourCervix said...

I can't wait to read about some of your catching stories!

RN2CNM said...

Looking forward to some good birthing stories!!! It is going to be exciting catching 'on purpose', and not just because someone happens to precip!!

tiff said...

Sometimes it is literally catching them... we call those babies bunji babies! Can't wait to hear some catching stories.

Anonymous said...

I have had baby #3, #4, #5, and #6 born quickly. #3...the OB came in and said she'd be changing and would come back, the nurse She walked up and put on gloves and they threw a blue paper scrub thing on her and she came up to me and baby came out into her hands. #4...I was yelling "ring of fire" while the nurse was across the room. The warmer wasn't on. Baby flew out of me and there was meconium everywhere. The bed wasn't broken down so the bed caught her (I like to say God's angels caught her). #5...nurse could tell I was moving my legs in that "baby's right there" way and she checked me. Baby came out with me holding my head back. It took three pushes only because I was avoiding the urge. When the head came out the water broke and mec went everywhere (and I mean a LOT of particulate matter). I tried not to push so baby could be suctioned while attached, but she came out and had an apgar of 1 as both nurses gingerly took her to the Delee area and sucked guck out. This last baby was born after they made me push for an hour an 1/2. She was an OP baby but was up so high nursie and first OB didn't know. 10 minutes before she was born the 2nd OB found her to be OP and said I needed to get up and squat, and change positions. He thought it would be a while, so he left the room. 10 minutes later I had the urge to push and baby was born in the caul...intact bag. My husband thinks she was at least part way out if not fully out with the bag intact (is it possible for the bag to stay intact with the baby all the way out?). The OB didn't get in until they had her over at the table sucking out mec, but he said she was born with bag completely intact. The next day the family doctor also commented about the complete intact bag (was it then on her chart??? could she have come all the way out in her bag?). Anyway, my babies do fly out. I try to hold back so they have time and don't bounce on the bed, but they still do. I've not had a broken down bed for three births, and no OB in the room for three births. Nurses have caught twice. I finally learned I could claim the nurse on the birth certificate this last time.