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Sunday, March 30, 2008

So, So Tired

For days I've been wondering what can I blog about? And my mind comes up blank. Well, not blank exactly, but the things that do come to mind would take some effort, and effort I do not have these days. School is wearing me out, and asking my mind to do much more than what is required is a request that will fall short. I remember hearing midwives talk about how difficult and draining school was when I first entered but always thought it wouldn't be like that for me. I was a good nursing student, and never felt stressed like the other students. Mind you, I was also around 19 or 20, so that may have played a factor given most 20 year olds don't have the same level of responsibility as a 30-something.

But, alas, those midwives weren't far from the truth at all. I've often wondered, now that I am knee deep in this stress shit, how these other midwives managed school while they cared for their children. I don't have any children, and can't even imagine adding that to my plate! I don't have that much longer to go...yet it seems so far away. If my mind ever feels light enough I will be adding to the Childbirth Education Series; let me know what topics you want me to blog about and hopefully I can come up with something in a reasonable time.

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