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Friday, May 2, 2008

Dropping off the Cargo

This morning as I was leaving work, I noticed that the area in front of the main entrance of the hospital where patients are picked up and dropped off had several signs. The signs had clearly been there for a long time, as some were a little rusty, but I had only realized they were there until today. The signs said, "Parking For Handicapped Loading & Drop Off".

Is it me or does that not sound right? It seems to imply to me that the handicapped are cargo. Perhaps they should move these types of patients to the shipping and receiving department if that is what they think people do with the handicapped.


Hilary said...

Youch, it is a bit yucky.

My dad, a former Naval officer and wheelchair bound at the end of his life, used to call it disembarking when we unloaded from the car. I much more refined term, IMO.

daralala said...