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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Nitrous Oxide in Labor

I thought I would bring your attention to an excellent post over at Our Bodies, Our Blog. It discusses the use of nitrous oxide in labor, something that is not an option for women giving birth in America.


Anthea said...

I had no idea you couldn't use gas in the US. I had it with both my deliveries and it works. As much as it feels odd at first, like being slightly drunk, it really does help and if anything, the mouthpiece is something that you can bite down on and help to control/focus your breathing.
I wonder if gas was available, the rate of epidurals would decrease and in turn the c section rate would drop?

TracyKM said...

Really? You can't have it in the States? I used it in Canada and it was helpful in a way--got me to focus on breathing slowly anyway. Wow. Off to read more!