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Saturday, June 7, 2008

How is this possible?

You know, it really irritates me when my fellow students course work completely sucks but they get decent grades. We have been finishing up the semester and have several presentations to make. I put a lot of work into my presentations, spent hours just on research alone- making sure that I use current references from respected sources, assuring that typos and grammar is correct, and my APA format is perfect.

I have always done well on my presentations, having always received full credit (ya, I'm a dork, thank you very much) and have always believed I deserved such credit.

So when the crappy students are getting passing grades when there are blatant errors in their presentations, lack of APA format or current research and data- not to mention presentations that support the medical model of care (some one poke my eyes out, please!)- I am highly insulted. If I get an A on a presentation, and the person after me has a total blow out of information but gets a B+.... how is this possible? How can the instructors justify this?

Urgh....only integration to go.... I'm done in August!


Your mother said...

Take pride in the fact that you are intelligent enough to do things properly. The ones who turn in sloppy work probably don't have the brains you do. The school work you do shows you care and are very conscientious. Your family is very proud of how well you are doing!

Anonymous said...

Oh, this sort of thing has always bugged me!!!

When my husband got his Master's Degree through an online program, some of his classmates (and this degree is to TEACH, people!) didn't have proper subject-verb agreement, grammar, etc.


Not sure how those people even made it through college without learning to correct those errors -- or even out of high school! My elementary and high school was strict, and we got counted off a point for each misspelled word, missed punctuation, etc. -- whether it was a test, report, or whatever -- whether the subject was grammar or history or science [and, yes, I too am a dork :-)].


Emma Someone said...

I totally hear you on this one and I figure it comes down to, on one hand, it not mattering what your grades are in terms of the kind of midwife you'll make, and on the other, I lament the future of my vocation if people with no idea are getting qualified...