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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Something Worse Than P.O.

My most recent shift I actually was coughing and gagging at a smell worse than P.O. I was working postpartum again and was attending to my final rounds of catheter bag emptying and general patient upkeep when I entered my patient's room for the ump-teenth time. But this time there was something pretty ripe about the room. I had caught the woman and her boyfriend napping and tried my best to be quiet as I made some final assessments, changed an IV bag, and then empty her catheter bag.

I saved the catheter bag for last because the boyfriend had parked the recliner right next to the side of the bed the bag was hanging on. I was hoping that he'd notice that I was moving about the room and would move out of the way. But he didn't. He just stayed right in the chair. I figured there would be enough space for me to reach and grab the bag out from between the bed and his chair, which there was, but when I went to reach for the bag I had to bend towards his feet. And here was that ripe odor.

People, I have never smelled such horrid, wretched feet in my entire life. There may have been visible fumes, but I couldn't bear to linger long enough to find out for sure. I had to breathe as shallow as possible but I still ended up coughing. It took all my might to not end up gagging as I waited for the bag to empty into my urine container. How could they not be bothered by this? You can imagine how glad I was to not have to go back in that room...ever.


AtYourCervix said...

UGH! The rotten feet smell. Disgusting!

JD said...

Ugh!! I would have been tempted to "accidentally" spill the catheter bag on his feet, in an attempt to make him go home and wash himself... alas, he probably would have just left it like that, and made the problem worse, if possible!

I'm sorry that you had to deal with that... I pity his poor wife!

Lora said...

I know that smell! My sister in law's boyfriend is the most putrid human being in the world. She says he has some sort of problem or something. Um- why would you chose to be with someone like that? And have two kids with him? It isn't like he is good looking (or smart, or employed, or or or_.

One time my husband gave him a ride home from the bus station and ended up puking out the car window due to the stench.


I know that smell.