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Friday, August 22, 2008

Hurry Up!

Actual conversation with a patient:

Patient (just turned 16 year old, 34 weeks pregnant with first baby): Do you have any children?
Me: No.
Patient: Why not?
Me: Because life has kept me very know, school and stuff.
Patient: Are you going to have children?
Me: Yes, someday.
Patient: Well, how old are you?
Me: How old do you think I am? (I always ask this when asked being I've been noticing a lot of grays on my head so I'm paranoid that I am looking old)
Patient: Like, 25?
Me: Oh, what a compliment! Actually I'm thirty-(fill in the blank)
Patient: Oh my god! You're old! You better hurry up if you want kids!
I suppose at 16, even I would have thought I was old. Funny how different our perspective changes as we get older. And I guess when you are having your first baby at 16 anything much older than that must seem pretty late to be having kids.


Mom said...

If you're old, I'm ancient.

Wabi said...

Aw. It was very professional of you not to say "I'll hurry up if you SLOW DOWN, honey." Nothing like somebody who hasn't graduated from high school yet telling you your procreation business! Sheesh.

Basiorana said...

It's weird. In middle-to-upper-class American society, women are considered "too young" to have babies if they are under about 25, because they should be focusing on school/career. And yet at the same time once you hit 30 the chances of problems with the woman's eggs starts to increase dramatically. Technically, doesn't that mean we have only about a 5-year window when we're "allowed" to have children?

And yet at the same time in the lower classes you're expected to start having kids as soon as you get out of high school or sooner, so too old to have kids is down around the late 20s. And that means they wind up having the same tiny window (though it's at least a little bigger). Weird.