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Monday, August 31, 2009

Amen, Brother!

Rixa has posted her interview with Dr. Fischbein on her blog- it's an interesting read. I cried out, Amen, Brother! when coming across this quote:

Again, they use the idea of the 24-hour anesthesia as a reason not to allow
VBACs. Most emergency c-sections, the ones that occur suddenly, have nothing to
do with a uterine rupture. They are for placental abruption, prolapsed cord, or
prolonged fetal heart rate decelerations. And somehow the hospital can manage to take care of those situations. If hospitals can take care of those things, why
can they not take care of VBACs? If they can’t do VBACs, should they be doing
obstetrics at all?


Girl Felt Food said...


Julia said...

I second that!

amanda said...

I honestly do NOT understand this. Is the natural birth community so hard up for worthy causes that we're willing to excuse the fact that this doctor is a predator and send him money?

I really think that those of you posting in support of this guy are being remiss when you do not include information about what he *admitted* to doing -- it's not like anyone can make the claim that ACOG made it all up to stop VBACs.

Carol said...

WHat exactly did he admit to doing? And in my community at least - there is a complete inability to VBAC in a hospital, in part due to ACOG.

Basiorana said...

This is ridiculous.

Were this man any other obstetrician, he would have long since been driven out of practice and be unable to work. Potential patients would never forgive him for his crimes against the rights of women.

But it's okay to EXPLOIT FEMALE PATIENTS as long as you support natural birth! Hey, that Austrian father provided his daughter with a natural birth at home, maybe we should send him money!

Seriously. The money being sent to this man could probably fund a large nationwide study to prove once and for all the safety of homebirth. It could be used to push bills through state legislatures that would legalize and legitimize midwives of all levels. Heck, there are hundreds of midwives out there who actually perform homebirths who are facing prison time for the crime of "practicing medicine without a license," a much more serious issue than a single physician being investigated by his hospital and maybe losing rights there for a still-undisclosed reason-- all we have as a reason is what he himself offered, and no confirmation that that is the case by any external source.

Why do we persist in wanting to support a single predatory doctor when there are hundreds of midwives and natural-birth related causes we could instead focus on? Why do we not even acknowledge his past crimes against the rights and autonomy of his female patients, not even only to accept them, and forgive them-- but instead, hide them? It seems many bloggers and advocates are expressly trying to prevent women from knowing about his past crimes, presumably to encourage them to support a doctor that any caring, compassionate individual should consider beyond repugnant, not deserving even to haul out the bloody sheets of a laboring woman.

Anonymous said...

Huh? What crimes? Why is he predatory? How is this at the expense of home birth?

Provide a link to substantiate these claims of crimes and bloody sheets.

Basiorana said...

As I said on Labor Nurse's last post on the subject, and as has been said on Rixa's blog posts about it repeatedly, Dr. Fischbein confessed to and was convicted of sexually exploiting a female patient under his care, including destroying her relationship with her partner, lying to her about medical requirements post-surgery to keep her from having sex with her partner (then having sex with her himself), and propsitioning her as she came out of anesthesia after a surgery he performed. She sued him and tried to get his license revoked for gross ethics violations, but CA has lax ethics laws. There are unsubstantiated rumors that this has happened before, with other patients under his care; however, he has confessed to the one he was sued for, so at minimum he sexually exploited one female patient-- which by rights should have gotten his license revoked immediately.

Here is a summary of the case:

His online reviews, including a note that "his hands linger[ed] on my thighs on the exam table" and another noting his "weird, manipulative, and extremely unprofessional manner." Most reviews seem to be bad, and almost all are written well before this investigation, so it's not backlash over natural childbirth.

More information about the case and the bad laws in CA that allow him to continue to practice despite blatantly violating basic ethics--

He uses the fact that he supports home birth as a way to get women to continue to use him as a doctor and support him, despite the fact that he sexually exploits and manipulates them.

amanda said...

That guy in California who held the young girl for 18 years -- he supported her through 2 UCs! It doesn't matter what else he did because he obviously feels strongly about natural birth as evidenced by the fact that he didn't feel the need to take the young lady to the hospital either time she gave birth.

We should all send money to his legal defense and ignore all the other stuff he did! No one who supports normal birth could be all THAT bad, right?