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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Rebirth Carnival, Edition 1.0

Well, here we are! The first edition of the Rebirth Carnival. I asked what drew you to midwifery, either as a career or as a client. So without further ado....

Reality Rounds tells us why she landed with midwives after her first pregnancy for "run of the mill" gynecological care and ended up with a wonderful VBAC.

Tiffany, of Bethany Women's Healthcare in Arizona (oh, I so want to visit Arizona!), tell us how she fell into midwifery after observing a laboring women in nursing school. She mentions how she had to reprogram herself into the midwifery philosophy of birth as a natural physicological process as opposed to the medical approach of pathology and danger at every point. I think this is something most L&D nurses who go into midwifery have to do to some degree.

Pamela Harnden (from New Zealand- how nice to have an international post here!) also began in nursing, but in a surgical ward. I love her reply in midwifery school if she can take a blood pressure... ya, my type of midwife!

Kathy uttered my favorite phrase said by any women before actually becoming pregnant (and many say it as soon as they are pregnant) Check that out here in the opening of her post on why she turned to midwifery care.

I am afraid that people have submitted to this carnival but because of my error of not writing my correct email, the person who had the knittingfool AT hotmail got your posts instead of me at knitting-fool AT hotmail.... so please repost your contribution in the comments for all to see!

Next carnival will be August 23. I want to hear about the worst things you've ever heard a health care provider say to a pregnant woman. This will be a good one.... I already have a few posts on the topic...


Bethany midwives said...

This was great! I love this blog carnival thing and look forward to participating in many more :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for including me -- love all the stories!

Oh, and fwiw, any emails sent to the incorrect email address just bounced, so don't worry about some "knitting fool" getting bombarded with midwifery posts. ;-)


Anonymous said...

I got my email bounced back to me... guess I need to start checking it more frequently! Here is the link

Reality Rounds said...

Great job! (I will be hosting a Halloween themed Change of Shift in October, hope you will contribute!)
Thanks for including my post and being such a fantastic voice for midwifery. Midwives rock.